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Ways to Donate your wonderful items!

Some simple ideas for donations to prevent your valuable items from being wrecked by the weather or prevented from entering the store. 1. Bring your items down to the POST during operating hours (Mon-Sat 10:00-5:00). 2. If you have large items, call ahead (403-527-0326), as we have limited space for desks and couches. 3. Consider if you would truly use the item if you were donating it. Anything that requires significant repair or cleaning, has a cost increase in reselling it thus making the item to expensive to resell.4. What the POST does not take as donations - Mattresses, Major Appliances, infant furniture, the large box (CRT) TV's. Leaving these items only increases our expenses in waste or recycling. Redi will take your TV's and the Restore will take your appliances. Please consider the other resources in Medicine Hat before you simply choose to leave items at a single location for the sake of convenience. Thanks again for all you do to support the POST and the promotion of mental health awareness in our community.